Website: Having a back-up water supply is important when preparing for Peak Oil.


Video. One family prepares for peak oil by converting their home to a net-zero solar powered home as the world oil supply crisis may cause global inflation, unemployment, and depletion of other energy sources. Peakoil documentary save money cut cable bill haircut aquarain water kill-a-watt TED The Energy Detective grieving peak oil solar pv array inverter family survival world oil supply depletion high demand alternative fuels global warming crisis understanding howto explaining petroleum future apocalypse end crash energy inflation gas gasoline prices unemployment fuel finance simmons heinberg martenson martensen kunstler powerdown supplies gardening organic garden sustainable permaculture living crops tips ideas tools home house


  1. The only thing I wanted to add was that I would never add bleach to the water, much better would be to get the water treatment pills or liquid at your survival store and use that. My 2 cents…

  2. @helloman1976 Yes, I have the water treatment pills. For those who don’t have them, you can use a few drops of unscented bleach per gallon I think but that’s only for bacteria laden dirty water. Thanks.

  3. @helloman1976 Chlorox’s home page mentions that bleach porno gay can be used to sterilize water.

  4. The south Africans put water into empty coke bottles and put them in the bright sun for 4 hours and it kills all bacteria ,, look it up.

  5. I installed a filter under my toilet.

  6. thanks for hot lesbian porn sharing …have you explored the ozonating (O3) process

  7. Got a big water storage drum from Costco

  8. @gaiagale No, I like the simplicity of the Aquarain gravity system for drinking water. Thanks

  9. This is what pepole should have for storms like hurricane Irene. Well done.

  10. Very few even think about alternative means to obtain water in this country. Buying a case of water at the big box outlet is the sad norm.

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