Top 10 Electric Cars Hi everybody, MrEnergyCzar here, this video is about the top 10 selling electric cars in 2013.



The price estimates factor in the EV $7,500 tax credit. Starting at the bottom.

#10 The Honda Fit EV. With about only 300 sold, you can only lease it. It’s $259 a month with unlimited mileage. It’s 82 mile electric range is higher than some of the pure EVs on the list. It may be available only in select markets.

#9 The Toyota RAV4 EV. With about 400 sold it starts at about $43,000. It has a Tesla battery giving it a decent 103 mile range. It does not have four wheel drive.

#8 The Mitsubishi Imev. With about 900 sold, you can get one for about $21,000. The range is 62 miles. The Nissan Leaf is tough competition for the I with greater range and a similar price.

#7 The Ford Focus EV. With 900 sold and a price tag starting around $29,000, it has a 76 mile range. It looks very similar to the gas powered Ford Focus with a top speed of 84 mph.

#6 The Ford Fusion Energi. This plug-in hybrid has sold close to 1,600 units. You can get one for about $38,000. Because the battery is smaller, the tax credit also is smaller. It has a decent initial 21 mile electric range and seating for 5.

#5 The Ford C-Max Energi. Another plug-in hybrid from Ford with a 21 mile electric range. This $30,000 hatchback has sold about 2,500 units. It competes with the Plug-in Prius liftback in price.

#4 The Toyota Plug-in Prius. The hybrid king now has a plug-in. With about 4,200 sold, you can get one for about $30,000. The EPA rated electric only range is 6 miles. You have to look closely at the window sticker. Many hot lesbian porn people believe the EPA rated it as 11 electric miles but that rating involved using gas.

#3 The Nissan Leaf. With about 9,800 sold, a 75 mile electric range, celebrity porn tapes its one of the cheapest electric cars out there for about $22,000. The Leafs sold in the states are now American made.

#2 The Chevy Volt. It’s the plug-in hybrid king with about 9,900 units sold. It has a 38 mile pure electric range before the engine comes on. The Volt’s larger battery size gives the full $7,500 EV tax credit. You can get one for about $32,000. The average Volt driver gets about hot lesbian porn 120 mpg and drives most of the time in electric only mode.

#1 The Tesla Model S. What is said to be one of the world’s greatest cars happens to be all electric. Tesla has sold 11,000 in six months despite it’s high price. You can get one for $63,000 to $73,000 depending on the chosen battery size. The EPA electric ranges are 208 or 265 miles. Tesla owners have free car charging for life at any of the Tesla Supercharger stations. You can charge 200 miles in 30 minutes.


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  1. We have cartoon porn had Prius” since they came out. We are on number 3. I swear by them. Fabulous cars.

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