Website: One family prepares for peak oil by converting their home to a net-zero solar powered home as the world oil supply crisis may cause global inflation, unemployment, and depletion of other energy sources.


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  1. @EndTheMatrix I thought it happened in 2010?

  2. Definitely peak oil but capitalism does not rely on continued growth. Keynesian economic systems rely on continued growth (e.g. “credit”). Austrian/classic economics is self balancing, just like before Federal Reserve. If there was no welfare (a.k.a credit) then people would not be so content with living dumb and happy and comfortable.

  3. @stereorail that is correct.  I wish I re-edited that sentence to say our economic system relies on continued growth.

  4. You might want ot look up “malthusianism” and, ofc, Malthus, to see if you find some common points between this dooms day theory and the one from the 19th century. Before that one were others as well, only without too much science flavor on top so I guess everyone would easily dismiss those nowadays…
    Malthus was sure we’ll all die porn cartoon of starvation because we are getting too many and the earth ressources are not enough. Peak oil gets the same credit from me.

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