Website: This video is about using and oil lamp as back-up emergency lighting. Fortunately, here in Connecticut the power has gone out for several weeks total the past year. I say, fortunately, because that allows you to find out what your weaknesses are in terms of your emergency preps. So what we have here is your basic oil lamp using parafin free oils that are mostly smokeless and odorless. This is a huge amount of oil here and the back-up wicks make this lifeing out your oil lamp supplies. I like to life out things and do things in one shot. You take the glass top off, light the wick and carefully put the glass top back on. You can adjust the flame level by moving the wick control knob. The lamp holds a large amount of oil which will burn a very long time. I do have back-up wind-up lights and lamps but I’ve found that the oil lamp puts out a lot more lumens or light. Be sure to keep young children and animals away. Put it in a spot where if it tips over it won’t start a fire.

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