Website: Insulate your windows to save money, energy and prepare for Peak Oil.

Using a shade with several air pocket layers works better than a single layer. Insulating curtains also produce energy saving benefits.


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  1. @fleckx I think the run for shale gas around the world is also an indication of peak oil, they need a new resource.

  2. large bubble rap works really good on windows..and lets light in..

  3. Thanks for the video. hot milfs I enjoy your informative clips

  4. @valhala56 proper insulation should maintain ideal temp. keeping windows celebrity nude and curtains closed in summer should keep out heat .

  5. Very wise investment. If everyone did 10% of what you did, we wouldn’t have military bases and troops to protect the middle east oil regions.

  6. I did this in my bedroom and it got rid of the cold window drafts. I’ve never seen triple layered shades. cool stuff..

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