Website: You can remove the green ball in the driver display of the Chevrolet Volt and replace it with the fuel can symbol.


You can view the tire pressure for each tire as well as oil life remaining. Plug-in “Electric Car” Extended Range Electric Vehicle EV Clean Video World oil supply high demand solar how to alternative fuels global warming “Peak Oil” crisis understanding explaining peakoil petroleum future apocalypse end crash energy inflation gas gasoline reserves strategic reserve prices unemployment fuel finance resource wars middle east war military kunstler heinberg martenson simmons save money powerdown howto Vlog preparing for peak oil solar heating array inverter homestead survival supplies sustainable living permaculture crops tips ideas tools protect family cut Saudi Arabia Libya Iran Yemen Nigeria Syria Iraq tar sands Chavez high gas prices bakken shale ethanol electric DIY Betterplace Russia clean green economy IEA EIA


  1. They made the Chevy Volt instrument cluster pretty user friendly it looks like.

  2. Now they should make one without all that expensive and tacky looking stuff and sell it as a base model. It’s a nice body but it seems they did everything to make it as costly as possible

  3. cool

  4. That has got to be the coolest car on the market. If I ever need to buy another vehicle…this one will be on top of the list ;) c

  5. I’d add more tire pressure to those tires. At least sidewall max all around. …or at least in the front and have it proportionately pressured for the rear tires based on the front/rear weight ratio of the car. Rolling resistance can be largely reduced with higher tire pressure. Try a coast down with your tires at 44psi or whatever sidewall is and compare it to 38psi. You will not go back.

  6. WOW …all the bells and whistles …I agree with a previous comment from Veikra that this vehicle is more geared to consumerism that citizens making new choices for a smaller footprint
    that aside I also agree with MsPeakOil “tire pressure for each tire is key for fuel economy.”in that we would be wise to be checking our tires regularly interms of any vehicle that we drive

  7. Go with lesbian porn the tire side wall psi, it is usually around 40 to 45 or so. I run that in my car and it really does improve efficience!

  8. 15-20 years down the road when all the electronic gadgetry fails the car is going to be as useless as boobies made of fat on an old man What we need is a modern day Model T or VW. I’d advise getting the factory service manual. With it any independent mechanic, worthy of the tile could keep it repaired Even yourself if you have much mechanical aptitude at all, with the right attitude.

  9. Wow! That is a cool feature for the Chevy Volt.

  10. Great work!!! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I recommend switching to 100% Nitrogen instead of regular Oxygen (which is 20% Oxygen 80% Nitrogen) when filling your tires. This will maintain a more consistent tire Pressure because when a tire gets warm, or when the temp outside gets cold or hot due to the seasons, the regular Oxygen in the tire will expand or contract with the change in temp. Nitrogen does not expand or contract with temp change so it will maintain its pressure and give a slightly firmer ride which increases handling.

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