Website: This video is about using the Chevy Volt as emergency back-up power for your home. I’m going to show you how to hook up a pure sine wave inverter, or two, to your Volt. You can get up to 480 watts AC for when your power goes out at home. The first thing you want to do is shut all the acces hot lesbian porn sories off in the car. You want to keep the Volt powered on but with the accessories off. There are 3 12volt outlets in the Volt. One in the front, one under your arm and one in the back. They run on two circuits. You can put up to a 240 watt AC inverter into 2 of the 3 outlets. Check with your Volt advisor to verify which of 3 12volt outlets to use so you don’t trip the outlet with the shared circuit. I’m showing one 180 watt pure sine wave inverter. With the Volt on and the accessories off, you want to leave the window open. You plug the inverter in the outlet and I usually put it on the floor. You attach the cord through the window and close the door so the interior lights don’t stay on. The inverter fan will start once a load is put on it. The engine will come on for 10 minutes each hour as you are drawing power from the Volt battery. Some people connect to the huge battery connection in the back of the Volt but I don’t play around with that, I don’t even know if that voids the warranty. Using the cigarette outlets doesn’t void the warranty. You can hook up two inverters and bring over 400 ac watts into your home to power your modem, your router, laptop computer and a small TV. I charge a large battery so I can back charge my pellet stove.



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