Website: The Chevrolet Volt has received many auto awards. This video is about what awards the Chevy Volt has won. Let’s get right to the list. It won the Motor Trend car of the year, the North American car of the year and Automobile magazine’s automobile of the year. For the first time in history, an american car won the European car of the year. It won Green Car Journals green car vision award. It won Autoweeks driver’s choice best of the year award. It won consumer reports owner satisfaction beating out the Porcshe. It was named one of the collectible cars of the future. It was the car of the year in Denmark. It was Car & Drivers ten best. It won the Edison award. It won the best green vehicle award at the Chicago auto show. It was Motorweeks best eco friendly car. It was Green Car Journals green car of the year. It was the New York Auto Show’s world green car. It was the celebrity nude Society of Automotive Engineer’s best engineered vehicle. It won the Wards Autoworld ten best engines award, Popular Mechanics breakthrough technology award and their top ten vehicles award for technology. It was the Edmonds green car breakthrough award. It was the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s top safety pick. It was the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations 5 star overall score for safety. It was Kelly Blue Books best resale value for an electrified vehicle award. It was the EPA’s most fuel efficient gas powered vehicle. It won JD Power’s appeal study award. It won the International Engine of the year award. Finally, it won MrEnergCza’r five star Peak Oil Preparation Award.



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