Website: This video is about the 7 ways the Chevy Volt engine generator can come on despite celebrity nude there being enough electrical charge to drive in electric only mode. Let’s start with the first way.

1. Engine Maintenance Mode. If you don’t use the engine for 6 weeks or so, it’s going to come on for a minute or two to lubricate the parts of the engine so it lasts longer.

2. Fuel Maintenance Mode. The Volt knows how old the fuel is in the tank. If you don’t use any fuel for a couple of months, its going to burn fuel for a few minutes. If you go an entire year on the 9 gallon tank, you’ll eventually burn down the whole 9 gallon tank.

3. If the Volt is on, as in all these scenario’s, and you open the hood, the engine is going to come on so that you know the car is on so you don’t get electrocuted in there.

4. If the outside temperature is 25 degrees Fahrenheit, or less, and you are driving in electric mode, the engine is going to come on black porn for about 90 seconds and burn a teeny bit of fuel.

5. When driving and you have single digit EV nude celebrities miles of range left and you switch to Mountain Mode, the engine is going to come on to raise the battery charge up to about 14 to 17 miles.

6. When there is a vehicle issue or the check engine light comes phone porn on, the engine may come on in that scenario.

7. When you’re pre-heating the Volt or pre-conditioning it, and you have it plugged into a 120v charge set, and you have on high climate 80 degrees comfort climate mode, and its very cold in the garage, the engine can come on to assist with the heating or pre-conditioning of that Volt.



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