Chevy Volt: Q & A #3

Website: This is my Chevy gay porn videos Volt question and answer video number three. I’m directly answering your Chevy Volt or Electric Car questions while giving your channel a shout out.

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Our first question comes from JDSFrisco. “I’m curious why you choose the Volt over the Leaf?” I wanted to own only one car with no range anxiety and I wanted that one car to use the least amount of oil possible. Since the Chevrolet Volt still has the largest electric only range of any plug-in hybrid out there, about 38 miles, it uses the least amount of fuel for my typical driving patterns. Any other vehicle, including the plug-in Prius, the Ford Energi, the Honda Accord plug-in, would use more fuel because the electric range is about half or less than half of the Volt’s electric range.

Shinedowntown asks, “How much does four hours hot lesbian porn of charging cost you?” A full 40 mile 4 hour fast charge for my Volt doesn’t cost me anything because I’m using the surplus solar power from my home to charge my Volt. I lowered my electric use at home below what my solar system produces to free up about 1,700 KWH’s per year. This runs my Volt about 6,000 miles per year, the rest is charged from a courtesy charger at work. A typical consumer, depending on their electric rates, would pay about $1.40 to charge 40 miles. Keep your questions coming and I’ll give your channel a shout out.



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