Website: 2012 Chevy Volt review and test drive.

This Chevrolet car is full of surprises and is extremely efficient. The Chevy Volt should save me 9,000 gallons of gas over the next 8-9 years compared to my former SUV.


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  1. @saquibs20 I think you mean if you never plug it in? The EPA rates it 94MPGe in electric only mode and 37 MPG in gas only mode so it’s a blend of numbers. If you’re one of the few that regularly drives more than 65 miles between charges, the Prius will use less gas. Volt uses less for typical daily commutes of 40 miles etc…

  2. A buy generic levitra online diesel Polo can get 65-70 mpg, buts thats a small car though.

  3. @sangolt88 In the states over sized cars is a cultural “right” unfortunately so the car wouldn’t sell. $6 gas would change that.

  4. @MrEnergyCzar We pay about $10 a gallon here in Norway, but most of it is taxed (around 65%). I think higher gas prices in the US would have a worse effect on your economy though.

  5. @sangolt88 There’s no way around not destroying our economy because we’ll have to adjust to our energy reality eventually or when it’s forced upon us. short term loans Low subsidized gas prices in the states can only shield us from this energy reality for so long…. Europe built its society around true gas prices, we didn’t.

  6. @sangolt88 No, not realty if I am not mistak lesbian videos ing the little Polo is a 5 passenger car while the Volt is only a 4 passenger car and when it runs out of battery which is in about 20 miles if it is driven like a Polo at 80 MPH with AC on then you get 38 MPG but then again we have no Polos here in the US & diesel is never promoted as a gas saver here only as a torque producer US government taxes Gasoline at a 26% rate you do the math:-)

  7. Didn’t like that much. Way to small, only 4 seats, didn’t like the center dash (it doesn’t seem easy to get the readings from the buttons). If you can milf porn afford a little more and wait, I would go with the Tesla Model S that is probably hitting the roads next year. But, that’s an all electric car. And for today I would get the Nissan Leaf.

  8. I dont think cars are the answer, in any form. By this I mean private cars which are shaped like and weigh the same as a regular car. The answer lies in building cities around people. The problem with cars can best be summed up by saying, the car first creates distance and then offers up itself as the solution to the problem it created. Velomobiles with electric assist are far more efficient then any electric car. Electric rail is also the answer. Cars are not!

  9. Could you tell us approximately how much it costs to insure a Volt compared to celebrity porn videos your SUV. I’m just curious because if it is greatly higher or lower that needs to be factored into the financial calculations.


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