Chevy Volt: Q & A #2

Website: This is my Chevy Volt question and answer video number two. I’m directly answering your Chevy Volt or electric car questions while giving your channel a shout out.

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Our first question comes from SoulSurvivorX2, a highly recommended and great Youtube channel! The question is, “What charging provisions are being made for those living in condos or apartment complexes to charge your car?” That’s a great question. Some EV owners have successfully lobbied their individual condo boards to get chargers put it and some have been denied due to liability reasons and cost. Some higher end apartment rental complexes, such as in Chicago, have installed chargers because they see them as selling points or amenities such as swimming pools and fitness centers. It only takes a few renters or buyers to walk away from a deal, because they have no place to charge their car, for changes to happen at that particular place. I believe it’s a matter of time since there are about a dozen major car model plug-in hybrids out on the roads now and in the next coming year.

ThoughtChallenge asks, “I know you’ve said in the past that you are able to charge at work as well as charging at home. Of course at home you have the solar panels. I’m guessing that on the weekends, holidays and other times of the year, you’re sort of out and about and you probably like to charge up on the road if you can. I wondered if you can tell us a little bit about in finding those locations to charge your EV, are they convenient, are there any particular applications for your phone…?” lesbian porno Another great question. As you know I charge at home and at work with my Volt. I don’t really use public charging that much here in Connecticut. If I take a long trip, the Volt engine will just come on so there is no range anxiety. However, in Connecticut, there are public charging locations at most of the WholeFoods supermarkets, train stations, some restaurants, some hotels and many of the parking garages in the major urban areas. A great App to use is Recargo to help you locate charging stations. As far as a website, the website is a great website, they have listed about 10,000 of their chargers for use in the United States.

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